Matthew Rhodes

For as long as I can remember, I have had two passions in life, graphic design and movies. I am quite confident that I'll never be a movie star, so, with the need to find an original birthday present for a friend, my career as a fake movie star began.
I have been creating fake movie poster as gifts for a few years now, but have through this recent work developed a character called "White Dolemite. My personal graphic design work has slowly become a document of the career of this fake film star. And as the idea has grown, so has White Dolemite. He is not only a film actor, but also a recording artist and official face of "Prince" cigarettes and "Real Sangria" All of which is completely untrue, but through this work I hope to convince that during 70's, an actor forged and broke his own career without anyone noticing, leaving behind nothing but a collection of movies, record sleeves, magazine articles and adverts.

I have studied graphic design and worked in various aspects of the industry for some 10 years. The career of White Dolemite is a personal project done in my spare time.

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