Marcello Di Bonito

Marcello Di Bonito is an Environment Officer in Nottingham, he has a 1st degree in Earth Sciences from Naples, and a 2nd degree in Environmental Sciences from Nottingham. He first began his interest in photography at the age of 8yrs old on a school trip!

In the era of digital, I could consider myself a dinosaur,as I am very affectionate about 'old' films, slides and traditional black and white being my favourite medium. I started photography when a camera landed in my hands during a school trip to Pompei, I haven't stopped since then! I was completely captured by the amazing possibilities that you can attain whilst watching the world through a very small rectangular eye. Catching portions of the reality to encapsulate what is striking you at a specific time, in a specific moment, and keep it forever. It is like producing new realities with every shot, borrowing bits of a bigger reality, the one out there, to compose your own story, your dreaming journey through life, and the lives of the people you meet on your journey. I am exploring at the moment, looking at the world through others and by taking a picture, telling their story.

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