Professional Judges Panel for Fresh 2

The professional judges were all very impressed with the quality of the work in Fresh 2, they each expressed their difficulty in choosing just 6 for the exhibition competition & spend a good deal of time deciding!

From City Arts, Madeline Holmes(Chief Executive) & Kate Duncan(Programmer) shortlisted their 6 winners together. Their top 6 were - 1st Steven Ingman (for his use of texture & colours)
2nd - Gillian Choo,
3rd - Lora Redman,
4th - Davide Taristano,
5th - Eireann Lorsung &
6th - Gabriela Rogula.

Also judging on the professional panel & finding time out of his very hectic schedule was Jim Robertson - the Director of the New Art Exchange.

His top 6 were -
1st place - Chris Abbott - He particularly liked the red entry with the representation of rain.
2nd place he chose Lorna Hooper - for the character in her paintings.
3rd - Clinton Croson - for the use of colour and reminder of holidays.
4th place - Joan Beal - for the simple depiction aiding memories.
5th place - Kate Clark - he chose her piece for its difference in the exhibition & liked the gap created by the lines.
6th place - Nik Ellis - He commented that they were very atmospheric and created a feeling of despair.

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